Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to shampoo natural hair with African Pride Olive Miracle

I shampoo my natural transitioning hair with African Pride Olive Miracle twice a month.  The shampoo is an anti-breakage formula with shampoo and conditioner.

If I need to shampoo my hair before the two week mark, I do a cold wash on my hair with Salon Selectives conditioner.

The reason I love my African Pride Olive Miracle shampoo is...well, I really don't have a specific reason why I love it.  First, it was cheaper than most natural hair products.  Secondly, I have been using the brand name African Pride, since I was in ponytails in elementary school.

I will say that I don't have any breakage with this shampoo.  However, I do shed hair a lot and I'm not sure if that is, because our weather here in the South changes every single day or what.  On the label African Pride Olive Miracle says it will

  • Stop split ends....yes it does
  • Stops it does not.  I suffer a lot with dry hair.
  • It revitalizes dull hair...I slightly agree with this.  I have to use my Organics Tea Tree Shine to give my hair a shine.
  • Conditions for beautiful body and shine...I always have body!
I am not in favor of looking at the ingredients when it come to hair products.  I glance at them, but I glance more at the price!  However, because I am learning natural hair lingo I did notice olive oil, and jojoba oil in the African Pride Olive Miracle.  Which are two ingredients I am a fan of and for these two to be in the shampoo, it made me more overly excited than I probably should have been.

What makes me a fan of African Pride products is their herbs and oils.  In all of their hair products, it usually has a thick consistency, which may make your hair feel a little heavier than other products, but I absolutely love that.  Hint, hint, I like lots of oil, grease, and sheen spray in my hair.

Two last things I would like to say about the African Pride Olive Miracle is the special detangling formula and how clean it gets my hair without me needing to put extra conditioner in my hair afterwards.  Even though I use extra conditioner, I could really do without when I am using this natural hair product.  I really feel as though, when I run my fingers through me hair after I wash it, my hair feels really really clean.  This is one my reasons why I have started cold washing my hair.

I use to shampoo my hair 2 times in a single week with the African Pride Olive Miracle, but that change after I saw a couple of stories about the effects of washing your hair too often.

Well, that's all I have for now.  I just want to mention that this product (12ounces) is $8.75 at Amazon.  I bought this product a while ago at a Fred's (which is like a store you find things cheap), but it has lasted me from June to December and I still have a couple more shampoo washes I can do on my hair with it.  So, it's been 6 months so, far and I believe it's worth every penny.  I'm very happy and I would recommend this product to anyone.

If you can't find this product locally where you live, I suggest buying from Amazon. 

African Pride Olive Miracle 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 12 Oz - BUY NOW

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