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Greenhouse Effect on Natural Hair

Did you know it was such a thing?
Greenhouse Effect on Natural Hair presented by Curly Girl Moore

Well, I didn't and if you are like myself and wondering if this method works...Yes, it does!

I tried it.  For those of you who don't know, I struggled with dry natural hair.  It didn't start until I was going into my 3rd year anniversary of transitioning.  That would be April of 2015.

At first, I thought it was the products that I was using.  It was hard for me to narrow which products, because I had gotten use to the fact that I could use anything on my hair.  So, I couldn't exactly start my investigation there.

It wasn't until July of 2015 that I notice that the dryness was getting worse.  So, I decided to really focus on my hair like I did in the beginning.  Since, doing that I have joined Youtube to document my journey.

You know at first this natural hair thing was just a thing.  I didn't consider it to be a joke, but I thought I could do what I wanted with my hair like before when I was getting relaxers.  I thought I could use the same products, same techniques, and really just same everything.

In the beginning it was really that simple.  Around my second year of transitioning my texture changed drastically.  My favorite go to hairstyle in the beginning of transitioning was a pompadour and a ponytail.  Next it was the flexi rods.  Now that I am in the 3rd year, I haven't figured out what my hair likes.  I believe it is simply the wash and go's.  They have really been working for the last week or so.

Okay, so enough ramble about me, let's talk about this
Greenhouse Effect on Natural Hair...

So, while browsing one day last week I ran across this book called 10 Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long and Fast  I saw these words flash across my Iphone and computer screen so many times, that I rarely paid it any attention until now since I'm dealing with a new thing that my hair is going through.

Here is the method to the Greenhouse Effect on Natural Hair.  Actually you can use this effect on natural or relaxed hair.

The Greenhouse Effect is used to lock in moisture.

This method should be done at night.

The ideal behind this method is that by creating warmth and moisture on your scalp, you are also creating the perfect atmosphere to open pores and follicles which allow for hair growth.  The warmth produces a steam effect.  The steam is created, it penetrates into the scalp, and this should help to increase the average growth rate.

Step 1: Spray your hair with water until slightly damp.

Step 2: Place your hair in a bun, ponytail, or braids.  I used the coil method the very first time I tried this and it still gave the same effect.

Step 3: Place a plastic cap over your head to increase the effect.  Add a scarf or additional plastic bag to increase the warmth.

Step 4: Leave your hair covered overnight or leave on for an extended period of time.  I suggest overnight.  This will increase a greenhouse steam effect in your hair.

Step 5: In the morning remove the cap and allow your hair to dry naturally or blow dry on a cool setting.  I suggest allowing your hair to air dry.  Since my hair was in coils I just separated them to create a style.  They were a little wet, but an hour after removing the shower cap they were dry.  So, they basically air dried.

Step 6:  Moisturize, seal, and style your hair as usual.  Because I mixed my water and conditioner in step one, I didn't need any extra moisturizer.  However, I did use a very light amount of oil.  When performing this method sometimes it's best to avoid using oils to allow for the pores to be open and prevent blockage.  But you  can be the  of that judge.

The Greenhouse Effect on Natural Hair should be performed at most 2 times a week.  Anymore than that and it's possible that it may weaken the hair and cause breakage.  If you experience any unusual breakage due to performing this method, you should discontinue immediately.

Additional Tip in 10 Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long and Fast
Water is used to Hydrate Your Hair
Coily and curly textured hair has the tendency to become dryer more easily than most.

Breakage Hinders Hair Growth
You need to know how to keep your hair well oiled and hydrated in order to prevent this.

An Important Key to Healthy, Beautiful, Shiney, and Long Hair is Hydration
A sufficient amount of water (8-12 glasses per day is the average) plays a major role in allowing the hair to grow long and fast.

Dehydration can cause drying of your hair shaft and scalp.  This can lead to split ends and hair breakage.  By drinking water in the right quantity you can supply nutrients to your scalp and promote hair growth.

Before Applying Your Leave In Conditioning
Or oils make sure your hair is moisturized with water.  Hydrating your hair with water and following with an oil will help to lock in moisture throughout the day.  Another way to retain moisture is to stop washing your hair everyday.

Hats, flat irons, blow dryers (at least blow dryers on high heat).

Know that through proper hydration and hair care we can grow our hair long.  
Curls, kinks, and waves thrive the most when your hair care regimen is focused toward hydration.

Water Helps To
Enhance the hair's elasticity, reduce breakage, and improve curls.

Oil is Good for Hair, But It is Not a Moisturizer
Using oil alone will only cause dryness over a period of time.  Oil alone as a moisturizer is a myth even though companies promote their remarkable moisturizing oils.

In Conclusion the Greenhouse Effect on Natural Hair is right for dry hair.  It's a good method to use on all types of natural hair.  I haven't experience any breakage, loss of hair, or a change in my curl pattern.  Overall, super happy I came across this technique.  I believe overtime by using this technique we all will experience healthy long hair.  Be sure to pick up the book above.  I downloaded the sample, but the full version is available.

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