Saturday, September 5, 2015

4 Ways to Achieve the Best Bantu Knot of Your Life

Are you ready for a jam pack session with 4 simply ways to Bantu Knot your Natural Hair.

As always, this look can work for transitioning hair and relaxed hair as well.

Okay, let's get started.

So, as you guys may know I am a YouTube Junkie.  So, I am borrowing ideas and techniques from AlyssaForever, SmartistaBeauty, and JudithsNaturalHair.  Be sure to check out their Bantu Knot tutorial on YouTube and the links are below

The last technique is from yours truly.  Now on to the fun stuff...

Alyssa Forever - How to Get Perfect Bantu Knot Results on Dry Hair
You'll need a paddle brush, Eco-Styler Gel or styling pudding or a holding hair product of your choice, and bobby pins.

Wash your hair, apply conditioner, blow dry it, and make sure your hair is perfectly smooth.  Which is similar to stretch hair.  You can do this by brushing your hair with a paddle brush.  Before starting apply a little product like a pudding/Eco-styler Gel to your hair, but not too much.  You don't want it converting back.

Section hair.  This is the best way to work with your hair.  Give a little slack at the roots of your hair and as you come to the ends of your hair, if they are a little frizzy still, then apply more product to reduce the frizz.  You can place a bobby pin in your hair to keep the Bantu Knot from unraveling.

Sit under the dryer for 25 minutes or until hair is dry.  Unscrew the Bantu Knot as if you're unscrewing a bottle.  This prevents frizz.  Then just style.

SmartistaBeauty - How to Bantu Knot on Natural Hair
You'll need Ors Holding Pudding, a moisturizer by Cantu Curling Cream, and a Paddle Brush.

She says it is not about how tightly you twist the hair.  It is about the shape of the Bantu Knot.  You don't have to part your hair perfect.  This gives your hair shape.  Start off at the root and towards the ends of your hair wrap tight.

Once, you're finish let your  Bantu Knots set.  Overnight, worked best for her.

Then next day she unravel the Bantu Knots in the opposite direction it was set.  She separated the Knots and to add more volume she combine her roots.  This also gives you big hair.

JudithsNaturalHair - Bantu Knots on Short Thick Natural Hair 4A, 4B, 4C
You'll need bobby pins to secure these Bantu Knots in place.

First, part your dry hair in sections.
Second, two strand twist your hair.
Third, twirl your Bantu Knot in the same direction as the twist.
Fourth, secure it with a bobby pin.
Once, your hair has set overnight...
Fifth, Unravel the Bantu Knot and separate the two strand twist
Sixth, lift roots to hide parts
Seventh, add conditioner.
Eighth, shake hair.
Ninth, separate your hair some more if needed.

Curly Girl Moore's Technique for Bantu Knot that is going to give you Life
Before, I get started I just want to say I am not a huge fan of Bantu Knots.  Just the other day I tried a flat twist with Bantu Knots at the end and I absolutely love it.  This gave me the encouragement to give Bantu Knots another chance.

You'll need bobby pins, Eco-Styler Gel, or a holding hair product of your choice.

Next, you'll going to section your hair.  You can section it as you go or you can section it before you start.

Once, you figure out how you want to section your hair, take that one section of hair at a time and apply your gel.  Not a lot.  Just enough to smooth your hair and enough to help with those frizzy ends.

Next, I did a two strand twist method before I applied the Bantu Knot to that section of hair.  After, two strand twisting that section I grabbed my hair by the roots and twisted the roots until the knot started to form.  Meaning I twisted the roots and kept twisting until my hair could not twist at the roots any more.  I don't want you to pull your hair, but simply twist it.

Once, the knot forms, I was able to start twisting my hair around the knot.  I did this to the rest of my hair and I believe I ended with 10 Bantu Knots all together.  Hope that was simply enough for you!

During the day I let my hair air dry for 4 hours.  Tonight I am doing this same technique, so I'll have a chance to see how my hair does with the Bantu Knots setting in overnight.

Video coming soon about how to achieve this look and style the hair.

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