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Co-Washing Fun Facts for Black Natural Hair

Co-Washing Facts for Black Natural Hair with Curly Girl Moore

Hey guys!

Did you know co-washing is short for cold washing.  Well, I didn't, lol!  I thought it was cold washing all this time, which is correct I guess it just depends on how you look at it.

Today I wanted to talk to you about that thing called Co-Washing.  Yep, it is a major deal for a black girl's hair if you are in the natural hair community.  The best way to explain this technique is to tell you it means skipping shampoo and relying solely on conditioner.

So here are a few fun facts that I learned and hopefully it will benefit you too!

Fun Fact #1
Co-Washing is only done with conditioner.  I have tried cheap conditioner that cost $1.00 and I have tried some $5.00 conditioners.

But right now I am into the  Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Conditioner with Avocado Oil.  As a matter of fact this is my FAV product for September 2015.  I bought this in August from my local Big Lots store for $2.95.  What a deal right.  That is probably the cheapest I am going to find it.  As you can see below on Amazon it is advertised for at least $5.00.

I purchased a 12 ounce bottle and this one below is  24 ounces.

I have also tried VO5 Extra Body Volumizing Conditioner which is very cheap and a couple of other conditioners from my local Dollar Tree.

So, it really doesn't matter what type of conditioner you use.  Just as along as you like it.

Fun Fact #2
 You are candidate for co-washing if you have dry hair, curly hair, colored process hair, or wavy hair.  These all tend to be naturally dry, so you will benefit from co-washing.

For those of you who are transitioning, you probably have a little bit of all these types of hair.  So, this is a benefit to you too.

Fun Fact #3
 Both shampoo and conditioner's use detergents in the products.  The detergents in shampoo's acts as a cleanser.  Therefore, it will wash out of your hair with the rest of the stuff like oil, grease, or any build up in your hair.

Detergents are found in conditioners too.  But instead of washing out of your hair they stick to your hair.  The ingredients in most conditioners have the ability to cleanse your hair too, which is why this method of co-washing works.  Hope that was simply enough.

Fun Fact #4
Conditioners remove light build-up on hair.  Eco-Styler Gel is my number one styling ingredient for my hair.  Wearing my hair 5-7 days with no wash days in between and applying the gel everyday will force me to wash my hair with shampoo.  However, co-washing my hair every 2-3 days gives me a light build-up and therefore allowing the conditioner to do its job.

Fun Fact #5
I like the way how Curly Nikki puts it: At the end of the day shampoo will remove more dirt and oil than conditioner and conditioner will remove more dirt and oil than plain water.

Try this!  Use shampoo every other wash day.  The wash days in between use conditioner only.  Co-wash your hair mid-week to give it a moisture boost.

When Co-washing your hair section it.  This makes it easier to maintain and detangle.  Start from the ends and go up to your roots while working the conditioner in your hair.

Naptural85 says she applies the conditioner to her 3 times before wetting it. 
She pours a half dollar size of conditioner in the palm of her hand each time to apply to her hair.  The first applicator is to moisten the hair, the second one penetrates the hair, and the third applicator melts the hair.  This means the hair is so concentrated with conditioner that the tangles melt apart.  Making it a breeze to finger detangle.

She also applies a quarter size oil to seal in all that moisture for added slip and super defined curls. She admits that this is a lot of conditioner, but it's worth it.

Naptural85 recommends sectioning the hair and once you have the conditioner applied Bantu Knot your hair to keep it stretch and detangle.  Then rinse the conditioner from each section of your hair and just add oil to lock in the moisture.  Dry your hair with an old t-shirt to reduce the frizz and style as usually.

I used Naptural85's co-washing technique and here are the things I didn't like
First, because of the length of my hair, I didn't need all that conditioner.  Applying the conditioner in a half dollar amount to my hair twice gave me the effect I believe she achieve.

Secondly, if you are not going to try this method in the shower, than it is going to be hard if you use a sink.  I used my bathroom sink and it was ruff.  I ended up taking down my Bantu Knots and just washed my hair as a whole.

Third, I had so much frizz today.  My hair was extra puffy.  It could have been, because I didn't apply my number one styler which is the Eco Gel to help maintain the frizz.

Overall I love the ideal of applying the conditioner twice, sectioning my hair, and drying my hair with a t-shirt.  The t-shirt thing was something I had never tried before.

Hope you enjoyed these co-washing fun facts for black natural hair.  My hair has grown with co-washing.  I have changed my co-washing techniques, because as my hair grows I need a conditioner that is going to do the job.

As I mention I started with simply cheap conditioners.  I never tried a conditioner or shampoo that was specifically label for co-wash.  As time goes on that doesn't mean I won't try it, but right now it is not necessary.

When choosing a conditioner to co-wash your hair read the label.  Some conditioner say it will give you volume, smooth your hair, etc.  If you do decide to shampoo your hair, know that is okay too.

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