Monday, September 14, 2015

Hair Brush By Bella and Bear

Hair Brush By Bella and Bear, 
the Bear Brush Is the Best Paddle Brush for Your Hair. 
Our Paddle Brushes Are Great For All Hair Types. 
Our Paddle Hair Brush Makes a great gift for women. 
Available at for 15.00.
 Regular price is $25.00
Hair Brush by Bella and Bear is a high quality paddle brush.  It's great for all hair types.

This brush is a wide square paddle.  Has an air cushioned rubber pad and ball ended nylon bristles.  It's also sturdy and seems to be well made.  The bristles of the brush have coated tips.  This protects your hair by allowing the brush to be gentle on the strands of your hair.

What Can this hair brush do?
It's a great general detangling brush.  Paddle brushes help to bring a ton of shine to your hair and this brush is no different.  Most people say the brush is gentle, it feels good, and it doesn't scrap the scalp or irritate the skin.

When cleaning your hair brush by Bella and Bear the wide bristles allow you to easy clean the hair out.

The wear and tear of a paddle brush can have a short life span.  With the hair brush by Bella and Bear, customers review this brush as lasting a long time.

Best Features
Most people rant and rave about how cute the color of the brush is, along with its original packaging it came in.  It's very feminine looking.

Another plus about this brush is it is totally static free.  Your hair will feel nice.

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