Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to Moisturize Your Natural Hair with Water

How to moisturize your
natural hair with water
Today I want to teach you how to moisturize your natural hair with water, conditioner, and oil.  It's really easy and you don't need an expensive leave in conditioner.

I was asked a question the other day on my instagram page about what oil do I used for my natural hair.  And I shared with her the type of oil I used, but I wanted her to realize it takes more than just oil to keep natural hair moisturize.  And having moisturize hair is very important if you want healthy hair.

I use plain water, leave in conditioner, and oil to seal the moisture in my hair.  I focus this technique on my ends mostly, because this is the driest part of my hair.  The hair from your scalp is naturally growing so focusing on the ends will help your hair to grow.  Therefore, contributing to retaining hair length.

I have been using this technique daily for the past 3 weeks.  My hair seems thicker...more fuller.  I have been wearing a protective style for the past 4 weeks and I believe this along with moisturizing my hair daily has help contribute to my hair feeling and looking thicker.  On the weekend I may wear my natural hair out, to give my scalp a quick breathier, but come Monday morning I'm putting the wig back on, lol.

Regardless of your hair type moisturizing elements such as water should be be the first ingredient in most of your hair products.
  • Water is a natural's best friend.  It helps with breakage and to stimulate growth.  To achieve these results by starting with a daily routine: water, oil, and a leave in conditioner.  You can mix all three in a spray bottle or you can add each one separately one at a time.  All you would do is spray your hair with water.  Apply your leave in conditioner.  Lastly, apply oil to seal in the moisture. I apply each product separately.  
    • I use a water bottle to spritz my hair with water.
    • I use a leave in conditioner called Simply Shea with organic shea butter.  Yes, it is a leave in conditioner.  I bought this leave in conditioner from my local Dollar Tree for $1.00.  You don't have to have an expensive brand.  The more you start taking care of your natural hair, you may want to invest in a more expensive brand of conditioner later.
    • After the water and leave in conditioner is applied, I apply the oil.  

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